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Understanding the Advantages of Adding Tradelines to Your Credit Report

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When your personal or business credit rating is less than perfect, there are few things you can do about it besides wait patiently and pay your bills on time or early. However, many people wish to improve their creditworthiness quicker, so they can become approved for loans and other types of financing. Luckily, adding tradelines to your credit report is one of the swiftest, easiest, and most legitimate ways to increase your scores without suffering through an annoying delay.

There are times when a positive credit rating is imperative to your lifestyle. Whether seeking funding for a new home, a business, a vacation, or an unexpected expense, it’s often impossible to get the money you need without a little help. Put simply, when you add tradelines to your credit report the information belonging to another consumer or business is borrowed to help you achieve quicker financial success. Understanding what happens when a tradeline is added to your report is vital.

What Is an Authorized User Tradeline?

A tradeline is just a credit account, including loans, car notes, mortgages, credit cards, and even payday advances. When you create a new account, you thereby create a new tradeline – an opportunity to have a positive mark on your credit report. A responsible number of tradelines, or accounts, on your credit report, can improve or damage your score based on how they’re used. Wise use of tradelines can help by increasing the total credit available and by diversifying the types of accounts on your report.

An authorized user tradeline for sale is merely an industry term referring to an open, aged credit account that is being legitimately sold to a consumer or business for the purposes of borrowing the account’s credit history to boost a credit score. The best-seasoned tradelines are those that have a positive credit history of two years or more. When you add tradelines to your credit report and use them responsibly, numerous changes occur.

What Happens When You Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report?

Creditors look at several things to determine your creditworthiness during the underwriting process. Since lenders consider the tradelines on your credit report most often, adding positive authorized user tradelines can be extremely useful in helping you obtain financing. Even unsecured lines of credit which require little to no collateral take tradelines into consideration when determining a borrower’s eligibility.

There are two main factors which get considered when your tradelines are examined: 1) the types of credit you have (i.e., credit cards, mortgages, etc.), and 2) how much of your available credit has been used. Having a diversified credit portfolio improves your scores dramatically and having a low credit utilization ratio (30% or lower) also increases your chances of getting approved for a loan application. When an aged tradeline is added to your report through a legitimately authorized user tradeline broker, it accomplishes three main things:

  1. Your credit utilization ratio is lowered
  2. Your credit history is increased
  3. Your credit scores are improved by several points

Attaching the properties of a good, aged tradeline to your credit account can make a big difference in your creditworthiness if you use it right. However, irresponsible use of even the best-seasoned tradelines can easily destroy your scores. As a general rule, it’s important to strive for quality over quantity, so working with a knowledgeable authorized user tradeline broker is vital.

How to Find the Best Authorized User Tradelines for Sale

Finding high-quality authorized user tradelines for sale is no easy task, especially when you do it without any help. While asking a friend or relative to be added to their existing credit accounts as an authorized user is sometimes an option, such habits can wreak havoc on relationships, credit scores, or both. By using the best-seasoned tradelines offered through an independent broker, you reap the benefits of that account’s positive credit history without doing damage to someone else’s score (or your own for that matter).

Tradelines sold through a third party have gotten lots of criticism over the years, but they are worthy for several reasons:

To find the best-seasoned tradelines for sale, seek the services of a reputable company. Check credentials, read or watch customer testimonials, and research the annuls of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for information pertaining to their success rate. Also, be sure that the authorized user tradeline broker has several tradelines to choose from and remember: quality is far more important than quantity.

In fact, at a certain point, adding more tradelines to your credit report can do more harm than good. That’s why working with a professional broker can help. He or she can steer you towards the most effective authorized user tradelines for sale and ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

While purchasing the best-seasoned tradelines is an investment, it tends to pay for itself in the end when you do it right and work with a team of experts. With an improved credit score and a quick boost to your creditworthiness, you thereby become eligible for financing through a variety of eager lenders who are poised to offer you thousands of dollars in unsecured lines of credit.


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