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Hi, I’m Courtney. I’ve always been very responsible with my money, and I never used credit for anything. I thought that I was being smart, but it turns out…I had no stable credit history and that became a problem.

I was moving to a new city and needed to rent an apartment, but I couldn’t find anyone who would rent to me because of my thin credit history. I needed to get my credit score up fast to I could find a place to live. So I called

I bought 3 Tradelines on their Platinum Package. Within a few weeks my credit score went from non-existent to impressive. I had a 710 on Experian. 725 on Equifax and 718 on TransUnion.

And they didn’t stop there. Through one of their sister companies,, they helped me get credit cards! I got an AMEX card for $5000, a Barclay card for $5000 and a Bank of America card for $5000.

All and all, the whole process was fast and easy. I just followed their recommendation and purchased the package they suggested.

After that, finding an apartment was easy. I literally had my choice of everything. And that feels great.



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