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Peter Improved his Credit and was approved for over $20K

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Having a low credit history is almost a bad as having bad credit. I thought I was playing it smart by avoiding credit cards and debt. But when lenders can’t see a history of any credit, they treat you like you have bad credit.

That’s what happened to me. I do handy man work. My business was doing well, and I was ready to buy some new equipment and take on a couple of employees. I went to the traditional banks for a loan, and well…let’s just say they were in no hurry to help me.

One of my buddies used to boost his bad credit. He suggested that I give them a call. I found out they could help me establish a solid credit history by purchasing one of their tradelines. I looked through their extensive inventory and picked one that seemed to be a good fit.

Within 54 days, my score went up from 610 to 700! I really didn’t have to do anything…just piggyback off of someone else’s great credit. not only helped improve my credit score, they helped me get credit. Through their sister company, I qualified for 4 credit cards… a Barclays, an AMEX, a Discover Card and a Chase Card…totaling $20,000 in credit. That phone call turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

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