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Making Extra Money as a Tradeline Broker

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These days, it can be difficult to find a good side hustle. Making money always requires effort, but sometimes the payoff isn’t worth the trouble. However, becoming a tradeline broker is a terrific way to rake in the extra cash while expelling minimal energy. In fact, there are thousands of people buying tradelines at any given moment. A tradeline broker is needed to act as the middleman between interested customers and legit tradeline companies.

Being a tradeline broker requires very little effort, and is as simple as selling your highest-quality credit tradelines to help others achieve their financial goals. A more accurate description of the average broker’s job duties would be “renting,” because the buyer has only temporary access to the account and the account holder never loses ownership.

Selling tradelines is a simple and streamlined process, especially if it’s overseen by a legit tradeline company with a large number of potential clients. At its most basic state, a tradeline broker simply sells access to their good payment history and/or account age to someone with a less than perfect credit score. By adding customers as an authorized user on their account, that customer receives a swift boost to their credit and can then apply for financing they might have otherwise been rejected for.

Becoming a Tradeline Broker: How Does It Work?

A credit repair company or financial services firm usually hosts a tradeline broker by granting them access to potential account piggybackers. Legit tradeline companies will effectively market the account to prospective clients in need of credit boosting, which further reduces the amount of work required by the tradeline broker whose credit report is being used.

The person with less than perfect credit pays the tradelines supplier and the supplier pays the tradeline broker upon completion of the transaction. There are no special skills required to make money with this side gig. All a tradeline broker needs is a clean, positive credit history, help from legit tradeline companies, and a willingness to share the properties of their perfect credit history with others (while making money by doing it).

While the concept of allowing unknown strangers to piggyback on your credit report may sound risky, it really isn’t. Legit tradeline companies will always keep your personal information protected. As a tradeline broker, only the history of your tradelines is used. This means that buyers can’t ruin your credit rating by charging money to your cards, opening accounts in your name, or anything else. In other words, customers get the benefit of being attached to your tradelines, but they can’t use it in the same way you can.

How Money Is Made as a Tradeline Broker

Not everyone can become a tradeline broker, unfortunately. It requires the account holder to follow some rather strict guidelines. After all, you’ll be selling your tradelines to consumers who need it to be in top working condition.

The key to making money as a tradeline broker is to associate yourself with legit tradeline companies. Furthermore, having impeccable credit and a decent number of open credit cards is essential. Chances are, if you have neither of those things, you won’t successfully sell tradelines or make any real side cash regardless of which company you use.

In this consumer-driven economy where many people aren’t as frugal with their credit as they should be, a legitimate tradeline broker is in high demand. Those who want to buy a house, a car or even new furniture for their home require decent credit to do so. In fact, some insurance policies and jobs even demand good credit scores, making a well-prepared tradeline broker a must-have in many cases.

Legit tradeline companies act as matchmaker for tradeline brokers and consumers who need to boost their credit scores quickly. Usually, the company sells tradelines for a set amount and the tradeline broker makes a percentage of that. The more clients helped, the more money the broker stands to make. Most companies pay brokers a percentage based on two factors:

  1. The age of their positive credit history
  2. The credit limits on their open credit cards

Put simply, the older the account and the higher the limit, the more money a tradeline broker earns. So, you won’t receive the full amount charged by the company, but you will receive a decent sum that’s directly related to the quality of your tradelines. Once paired with a client with poor credit, a tradeline broker will immediately add them to their credit card as an authorized user and that client receives the benefits of good credit as though they earned it themselves.

Fortunately, there is no direct contact with clients required to get the job done. In fact, legit tradeline companies usually do everything online and need very little from the broker. Most of the time, a tradeline broker only has to sign in to their portal, add an authorized user from the list provided, then log back out to make significant dividends.

Mitigating Your Risk as a Tradeline Broker

Luckily, there is little to no risk associated with becoming a tradeline broker when you work with legit tradeline companies. Because the authorized user has zero permission to spend money or charge purchases on the broker’s account, the chances of becoming a victim of fraud are limited greatly.

Typically, a tradeline broker will receive a new credit card in the mail once the client is added as an authorized user. At that point, the card can be immediately destroyed so as to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, the client never even sees the card, so they remain unable to copy card numbers or swipe it at stores.

At the same time, the tradeline broker (a.ka. cardholder) should still do some minor spending on their main card to maintain activity and avoid fees. Simply handle your finances the same as you always would – pay a bill, charge a small purchase, and then pay off the balance at the end of the month. This will keep your credit score and spending limit high, thereby maintaining your ability to make as much money as possible.

Be sure to wait a few months before having the authorized user removed from your account. Legit tradeline companies might even do this for you, so be sure to ask about your rights and responsibilities. Since buying tradelines is a popular option for struggling consumers, you’ll likely have plenty of money-making opportunities. Interestingly, the average amount of time spent by a tradeline broker on each deal is only about a half hour.


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