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How Selling Tradelines Can Make You a Lot of Cash

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Selling tradelines as an authorized user tradelines broker is a terrific way to earn extra cash for minimal effort. In fact, a well-prepared and willing tradeline broker is always in high demand, especially since there are so many consumers in the modern world who need a quick boost to their credit. By associating your account with legit tradeline companies and selling tradelines to more than one authorized user, you can easily rake in a few hundred dollars while doing nothing more than accessing your portal and adding preapproved consumers to your file.

Is Selling Tradelines Legal?

That’s a very good question, and certainly one that should be asked by anyone looking at selling their tradelines. To answer it plainly, yes. Becoming a tradeline broker is completely within the parameters of the current law, but only when you associate your account with legit tradeline companies.

A trade line of credit is defined as an open account record that gets provided to the three major credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). Tradelines can include credit cards, mortgages, car loans, personal loans, utilities, or any other credit-related item that’s given by a financial institution such as a bank or lender. To keep things legal as an authorized user tradelines broker, you need to first make sure each creditor allows you to add authorized users to the account.

Some creditors are more willing to do this than others. However, while selling tradelines is completely legal, many lenders frown upon the idea. Thus, it may not be a good idea to tell the financial institution straight-up what you plan to do. Simply find out if you’re allowed to add authorized users and then continue with your business.

While selling your tradelines is completely legal, it is still against the terms of service for some credit card issuers. If they find out what you’re doing, you run the risk of having your card canceled. Fortunately, Citi Bank, Bank of America, and Discover Card usually allow you to add an authorized user without much fuss.

Is Selling Tradelines Safe?

Selling a trade line of credit is typically a risk-free endeavor that involves the broker relinquishing little to no personal information in the process. The way it works is simple: the credit line shows up on the buyer’s credit report and their newly added account shows up on your card for tracking purposes. Usually, the new card is shipped directly to your home and the authorized user never even sees it. This allows the authorized user tradelines broker to destroy the card immediately and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

To avoid raising red flags with your card issuers, try to limit the number of authorized users you add to each trade line of credit in your name. You might also consider allowing them to stay on the account for a few months to keep things from appearing too shady to the card company. If you do get your card shut down, keep in mind that most companies will only shut off the card that they had issues with. Therefore, if you have multiple credit cards or bank accounts with those card issues, the associated accounts will remain safe.

Furthermore, it’s common for those unfamiliar with selling tradelines to ask whether the authorized user is just some random person who will have a negative effect on your credit report. Even if one of your authorized users had dishonorable intentions and requested a replacement card from the bank after you added them to your trade line of credit, that user would not have the necessary information to verify the account holder’s identity.

As far as paying taxes on the money you make is concerned, legit tradeline companies will give you a 1099 form to report to the IRS. It’s very important that you claim your income earned through selling tradelines in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in being audited by a tax agent. So, although the authorized user does not have any direct access to the trade lines of credit they buy, a tradeline broker’s irresponsibility and uncouth management of sold seasoned tradelines can spell financial disaster.

Is Selling Tradelines Worth It?

Depending on the age of your trade lines of credit and the relative spending limits of each account, you could make a few hundred dollars in just a few short days by selling tradelines. Legit tradeline companies will offer each tradeline broker a variable percentage rate based on those factors. In addition, the structure of their brokerage program weighs heavily on how much money you can earn.

All legit tradeline companies operate differently and have unique incentives, but overall, selling tradelines is a worthwhile financial strategy that can create an easy flow of supplemental income. As long as you manage your trade lines of credit appropriately and keep your credit scores high, it’s common to see thousands of dollars pool into your bank account each month.

By doing business only with legit tradeline companies, you stand to generate better profits, gain access to user-friendly programs, seek expert customer service, and become privy to a whole host of financial services, credit repair packages, and exclusive tradeline broker benefits. To know whether you’ve got the right company, look for the following attributes of a good seasoned tradeline supplier:

Keep in mind that most of the time, an authorized user tradelines broker is required to have at least one card with a $5,000+ limit on it. That card must also be at least one year old and feature active spending and subsequent positive payment history. Credit card issuers that usually play ball with qualified seasoned tradeline brokers are as follows:

Brokers may also have luck with trade lines of credit issued by a Federal credit union or major lender such as Wells Fargo. Not only is selling a trade line of credit quick and easy, account holders can start earning money immediately. However, a tradeline broker is typically required to add the authorized user within 48 hours of the purchase. Still, with the backing of legit tradeline companies and a good-looking credit report in your hand, you should have no problem becoming an authorized user tradelines broker in your spare time.


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