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Determining How Much Your Credit Score Will Increase by Adding Seasoned Tradelines

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When you think of your credit report, imagine it being your financial DNA. Not only does it tell a lot about who you are but it’s unlike anyone else’s. Furthermore, any improvements to your credit score come about in a highly specific way. Since no two credit reports are exactly alike, it’s unfathomable to assume that the same techniques will work for all people.

However, adding seasoned tradelines to your credit report can help increase your scores tremendously, if they’re utilized correctly and have the right attributes. There is no one-size-fits-all tradeline though, so watch out for companies that claim to guarantee a certain point increase without first analyzing your credit profile to match you with the right product. Piggybacking on an existing tradeline will affect every consumer or business owner differently, and this is because everyone has a unique starting point.

Understanding How Seasoned Tradelines Change Your Credit Report

Knowledge is power. So, it’s important to understand how seasoned tradelines affect your credit before you spend any money. Not only will this education allow you to find the most legit tradeline companies but it will also help you know what to expect out of your investment. While aged tradelines are never free, nobody likes to waste their hard-earned money on a financial product that doesn’t work.

A tradeline is simply a term used to describe a pre-existing credit account on your report. It can be a credit card, a personal loan, or even a service contract with a utility company. The issuers of those tradelines regularly submit reports about your credit utilization behavior to the three main bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Essentially, those reports are how your credit is built. Whether those reported behaviors reveal responsible payment histories or not is the main determining factor of your overall score.

To optimize your credit rating, you should try to have a good mix of tradelines on your report. This is because an unbalanced tradeline mix can paint the wrong picture to potential lenders. Having only one or two types of tradelines, even if they’re kept current, can do more harm than good. Besides having a low credit score, this is one of the primary reasons why consumers purchase legit seasoned tradelines.

The secret to making the most of your existing tradelines is to be proactive. Make sure all your credit accounts are in the best shape possible before they get reported by lenders and account issuers. While that may be easier said than done in many cases, it’s much better than taking action after the damage has been done to your credit score. Worst case scenario, you can always purchase seasoned tradelines that are for sale by a legitimate tradeline company.

How to Tell What Will Happen After You Add Seasoned Tradelines to Your Credit Report

As mentioned, tradelines will affect everyone’s credit scores differently, depending on several factors. Generally speaking, however, the fewer tradelines (or credit accounts) you have on your credit report, the larger the impact of the authorized user tradelines you add. The opposite scenario is true when you have several existing tradelines already. Lots of open accounts mean that the tradeline you purchase won’t affect your credit scores as much.

In addition, few negative items on your current credit profile will work in your favor when you add aged tradelines to your report. An already decent credit rating will render a much higher score increase and again, the opposite also applies. Below, we will discuss what to expect under three common scenarios:

  1. What happens to your credit score when you add tradelines to a report with several negative items such as collections, charge-offs, and bankruptcies.
  2. What happens when you pack your credit report with too many aged tradelines.
  3. What happens when you add seasoned tradelines to a limited credit profile.

Of course, every situation is unique. It’s possible to boost your credit scores significantly with a good tradeline even if you have several negative items on your current report. As such, it’s important to work with legit tradeline companies to find the most effective options.

SCENARIO 1: Seasoned Tradelines Added to a Report with Derogatory Marks

The number and severity of the derogatory items on your current credit report will be the main determining factor for how much of a boost you get from adding seasoned tradelines. Furthermore, the appropriate selection of purchased tradelines will counter those problems on your report. Therefore, it’s imperative that you submit accurate information and receive a comprehensive credit analysis prior to making a purchase.

SCENARIO 2: A Credit Report Gets Packed with Too Many Seasoned Tradelines

While the effectiveness of a good seasoned tradeline may seem appealing, there is a strategy involved. Unfortunately, just adding several tradelines to your credit report is not going to give you a significant boost automatically. Although many consumers think that by adding a handful of tradelines they will see a nice jump in their scores, the opposite is actually true. In fact, if you exceed a certain number of authorized user tradelines, it is likely to halt any upward movement of your credit score. Therefore, it’s best to choose one to three high-quality tradelines and let them do their magic.

SCENARIO 3: A Limited Credit Report Has Nothing but Seasoned Tradelines on It

Few people have little to no credit, but it does happen. Frustratingly, this puts some folks in a bind – a catch 22 that makes it impossible to get credit because they have no credit. If you’re one of those lucky people who are in the rare position of having a very limited credit history, you can expect the addition of seasoned tradelines to have a drastic impact on your scores. In fact, some consumers have seen their scores go from zero to the high six hundreds or low seven hundreds simply by adding the right tradeline to their report.

Remember that it’s not always about the number of tradelines you purchase but is instead more important to get the right tradelines for your unique situation. A good credit analysis is essential and the right tradeline company is vital. With the right approach, you could expect a significant jump in your credit scores within thirty to sixty days.


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