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7 Things You Need To Analyze Before Buying Seasoned Tradelines

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pen in hands is analyzing things need to know before buying seasoned tradelines

7 Things You Need To Analyze Before Buying Seasoned Tradelines

Among many other funding methods hyped since recent years, buying seasoned tradelines affect credit report has gained considerable attention. Experts say that adding tradelines to your credit report is likely to create a positive impact. But it does have some key facts to consider. Last few years have shown a widespread concern about the impacts of adding tradelines to your credit report. However, every source provides a different information. And it is essential to comprehend and analyze deeply before you think of buying tradelines.




        Some call it as seasoned tradeline while some refer to it as piggybacking, while they all are the same terms used for authorized user tradelines and all serve the same common purpose, affecting the credit scores. Before making any decision, the first step is to understand what seasoned tradelines are. So “A seasoned tradeline is a line of credit that has been in good standing for a considerably long period.” It shows up on a borrower’s credit report when a borrower gets approval for the required credit. An ideal trade line is deemed to be at least two years old and has a fascinating perfect credit history, no record of negative items, no delayed payments and not even low balance.


        Tradelines record all the activity associated with the account of the borrower. A tradeline is a tool used to analyze and document the score of the borrower by the credit reporting agencies. The idea of the seasoned tradelines with a good credit history is that when you add a seasoned tradeline to your credit report, all the healthy and attractive payment history transfers to your credit report. Positive credit standing therefore becomes pretty essential for if you have good credit accounts, your scores will ultimately boost up, while negative is true in case of having poor accounts reported in your credit report. Once the credit scores start rising, you are able to apply and most probably be qualifies for the loans and funding programs. So be cautious in analyzing what tradelines you are going to add to your credit report.




        It is a critical factor to analyze whether you need to buy tradelines in the first place. For this, you need to assess your current credit situation. If you have already established a good credit history by managing your debts and payments timely, you don’t need to add tradelines to your account. What matters in analyzing the credit is quality and not quantity. Having a large number of accounts, some of which might influence you negatively is not really appreciated. To have fewer accounts with a positive effect on your credit score is the key to a healthy credit. In order to know if you need tradelines or not, you can assess yourself from these four categories,

Analyze your current credit situation and assess in which category you fall. You can evaluate your decision of adding a seasoned tradeline to your credit report by these four points.


        The legality of the tradelines is a big question since its hype has shown up. Critics declare that it is a highly unethical practice to associate your name with someone else’s credit. They have also reported adding TRADELINES by credit repair companies to be a total scam. However, Frank Dorman, an FTC spokesperson highlights that “what I have gathered from attorneys here is that it is legal.” The use of the seasoned tradelines is what makes them legal or illegal and whether you them from a legal and authorized company. There are tradelines out there that are illegal because they are nothing other than an explicit case of fraud. One example reported to give a 19-year-old young teenager a clean and attractive credit history of 20 years by adding a tradeline to his credit account. This is just ridiculous to have a credit history longer than an individual’s age, and this practice is illegal because of its fraudulent nature. But it absolutely cannot establish that adding a seasoned tradeline to your credit report is illegal.


        There may be some companies and dealers to tell you that adding the tradelines is a free of cost procedure. However, this is not the case. You need to analyze well before taking your decision that how much the tradeline will cost you. Adding a tradeline is not all fun and games, the process does not occur on its own. The price and cost of a tradeline are not defined similar to those of routine items. The cost of the tradeline can be determined by first determining what tradeline you need and why. You can, therefore, do the costing by a comprehensive analysis of your credit report while keeping in acute consideration your credit goals too. If you are looking for cutting down your cost by opting for inexpensive tradelines, you might end up with a disappointing overall credit result.


        Handling the sale of tradelines is a big question to review. In a world full of fraud and cheating, the potential borrower must need to identify whether the seller of the tradeline is authentic and legitimate or not. Everybody can offer tradelines for sale, but not everyone is genuine and honest about the deal. What you need to do is to do an in-depth analysis as to whether the company dealing with the sale of tradeline is legit or not. The illegitimate companies often promise you a speedy process whereas it is never in the hands of a lender to control the speed of the process.


        Some people ask how much increase my credit will experience after adding a tradeline to it. Well, there is no definite and satisfying answer to this question. It depends. It depends on multiple factors like what tradelines you need, the availability of tradelines and the history of those available tradelines. The score does increase with the addition of tradelines. However, it is not always correct nor can it be GUARANTEED by the lender. No credit report is the same, and no tradeline is the same. Hence the question of credit score increase is a very shaky and uncertain. This is also the reason behind the strong emphasis on “good” credit history of the tradeline you choose, that a tradeline with good credit standing will possibly enhance your credit position.




The facts raised above conclude that buying a seasoned tradeline requires an in-depth analysis and attention to little details considering the sensitive nature of the credit and its dealings. Before you choose to purchase or add seasoned tradelines for sale, consider doing a detailed analysis of your credit report. Judge where your credit stands and where you intend to direct it. After all these considerations, you are good to choosing seasoned tradelines to work on your credit repair.

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